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Experience, Expertise and Cross-border Reach

We are a highly sought-after personal injury law firm. Thanks to our membership in PEOPIL, we frequently handle personal injury compensation cases for Czechs abroad and foreigners in the Czech Republic.


Personal Injury Claims

We have experience in claims arising from a wide variety of causes:

  • Errors in the provision of health services (we also frequently lecture on this topic)
  • Road traffic accidents, sports and travel accidents (in the context of a tour or individually)
  • Provision of a medical service without valid informed consent
  • School accidents
  • Consequences of vaccinations, including COVID-19 (we have even written a book on this topic)
  • Dog bite
  • Unreasonable length of court proceedings


Preparation of Expert Reports

For foreign colleagues, we prepare the Quantum Report and the Liability Report for use in the UK and other courts in the European Union.

Out-of-court Negotiations for Compensation

As part of out-of-court settlements, we typically arrange for clients: 

  • Requesting a copy of medical records
  • A complaint against a doctor or healthcare provider
  • An expert assessment from a variety of specialities
  • Out-of-court claim with the claimant, the insurance company, or the state
  • Preparation of an out-of-court settlement agreement


Representation in Court Proceedings for Compensation

If out-of-court negotiations fail, we represent clients in litigation for:

  • actions for damages or non-pecuniary injury
  • actions for payment of insurance benefits
  • actions for compensation for damages caused by the state

In case a claim for damages suffers from delays and is unreasonably long, we claim compensation on behalf of our clients for the unreasonable length of the proceedings.

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