Multigenerational Estate Planning & International Succession

Our law firm was one of the first in the Czech Republic to advise on property in an international context. We are a widely addressed law firm in matters of property and its transfer to the next generation.


Property Structures in the Czech Republic and Worldwide

We provide legal assistance in structuring assets in the Czech Republic and worldwide. We provide legal assistance in structuring family investments such as partnerships, socially responsible companies and projects, or real estate. We advise clients on how to strategically approach family assets in a long-term sustainable manner (concerning future generations), and how to treat the associated risks.


Family Firms and Funds

We advise on the establishment of family businesses and trusts that organise and preserve family wealth for future generations.



We advise on international inheritance law, i.e., cases where the testator's assets are located in different countries or where the heirs have different nationalities. In such situations, inheritance proceedings can be complex as they deal with issues relating to different legal systems, international treaties, and legal rules. Care must also be taken to consider the tax implications in different jurisdictions. We work with several international law firms to recommend the next steps and how to defend your inheritance rights. We deal with inheritance negotiations both within and outside the EU.


Extensive Experience with Client Cases

We have assisted our clients in the following cases:
  • Establishment of a family foundation
  • Setting up a trust and drafting a will for a citizen with dual citizenship in the Czech Republic and the U.S., with assets in both countries
  • Representing Czech clients in settling their inheritance in South Africa, with assets also in Germany and Croatia
  • We have represented Czech heirs in settling their estates in various European Union countries
  • Advising citizens from Belgium, Sweden and Germany on inheritance from unknown (or insufficiently identified) owners

Legal Advisory for Family Wealth Management

We advise our clients primarily in the following areas:

  • Assistance in planning the structure of assets and their protection in the Czech Republic and abroad 
  • Assistance in setting up trusts
  • Setting up family foundations
  • Preparation of wills and inheritance agreements in the Czech and international environment
  • Representation in probate proceedings, including complicated international successions


Awards and Recognitions

Our lawyers have been recognised as leading Czech private client advisers in independent law firm rankings published by Who's Who Legal (Lexology).

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Anders Thorsen Advokatanpartsselskab

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you.

Anders Thorsen, Partner, Advocate

Leif Salomonson

I am pleased to recommend the law firm Holubová advokáti to anyone who needs any legal assistance in the Czech Republic.


Holubová advokáti helped my client resolve a complicated inheritance case that had not been resolved for 20 years.

Ing. arch. David Černík

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