Everyone knows a teacher! Help us get as many teachers as possible compensated for covid

Thousands of health workers have already applied for compensation for covid-19 as an occupational disease. Only a small number of teachers have applied. Why? The difference is not due to a fundamentally lower incidence of covid-19 among school and nursery staff. Rather, it is because school employees often do not even know that they can claim compensation. Yet they have the possibility of receiving compensation ranging from tens of thousands to several million crowns in the event of death.
The deadline to apply is the end of March

We are trying to mobilise as many teachers as possible, as for many of them it may soon be too late to apply. Exactly one year from now, it will be three years since the first covid wave. At that time, the victims' right to compensation will be time-barred. It may seem like a long time, but in our experience, the whole compensation process, from arranging the documents, to filing the claim, to processing it, can take almost a year. To avoid complications and unnecessary lawsuits, victims need to get started now.

Why apply through Law Firm Holubová advokáti 

Teachers, and anyone else in the category of school or nursery staff, such as tutors, cleaners, canteen cooks, can apply for compensation themselves if they believe they have contracted covid-19 in connection with their work. However, applying through our law firm has several advantages:
  • Compensation is paid by the employer's insurance company. However, the claim must be filed with the employer, which some employees may have an internal problem with. Filing through us simplifies the process.
  • We are already experienced in preparing the compensation claim and representing you throughout the process. Recently, we were successful in obtaining compensation for a client worth several million crowns in connection with the death of a teacher on covid-19.
  • The paperwork and subsequent communication with doctors, health authorities and the employer is both administratively and time consuming, and raises all sorts of legal issues that need to be dealt with promptly.
  • A prerequisite for a successful application is an assessment of whether the worker has contracted the disease at work. It is also necessary to correctly identify which categories of claims the injured person can claim or which family members are entitled to compensation. Here again, it is better to draw on the experience and legal awareness of the law firm.

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