Healthcare, Healthcare Providers, Reimbursement Disputes

We specialize in the healthcare sector legal advisory. We provide legal assistance for both patients and healthcare providers.


In-depth Expertise in Healthcare Sector

We regularly lecture at universities and conferences about various topics under health law for both the professional and lay public. We also regularly publish professional articles or studies on these topics. We are co-authors of a commentary on the law on compensation for harm caused by compulsory vaccination.


Legal Services for Patients

We have been very successful in representing patients in disputes with health insurance companies over exceptional reimbursement of treatment under Section 16 of the Public Health Insurance Act. This involved helping patients whose doctors have indicated treatment that is not covered by public health insurance, and the insurance company refused to cover the payments. We also specialize in legal issues related to the end of life and death. For example, we can assist with preparing a patient's previously expressed wishes.

Legal Advisory for Health Service Providers

We provide comprehensive legal services for health service providers and pharmacies, in particular:

  • Establishment of a health service provider
  • Obtaining authorization to provide health services
  • Preparing contracts with patients and suppliers
  • Transfer of medical or pharmacy practice
  • Concluding contracts for health care reimbursement from health insurance
  • Reimbursement disputes with health insurance companies


Compensation and Complaints

We routinely represent patients and their families in cases related to the provision of health care services. In addition to claiming compensation, we prepare complaints to the Czech Medical Chamber, the Czech Dental Chamber, or the regional authority and, exceptionally, criminal charges.

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'No one has done as much for me as you,' Eva said.

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Together with Holubova attorneys, we helped a Czech citizen obtain six-figure compensation for his injuries.

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Tachov, Home Care

Thanks to everyone in the office who contributed to handling our healthcare reimbursement dispute.

Ms. Procházková and Mr. Procházka, Owners

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