Legal Services for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

We are a high-profile law firm for tour operators, travel agencies, OTAs, tour guides, mountain guides, and mountain leaders.

We are also engaged by hotel operators, short-term rental providers, or carriers. We have exceptional know-how in the field of mountain tourism and outdoor sports activities.


Expertise and Cooperation with ACK and IFTTA

Our lawyer Klára Dvořáková is a leading expert in travel law. She has also been cooperating for a long time with the Association of Travel Agents and the International Forum of Travel Lawyers.


Our Approach to Advising Clients in the Travel Industry

Our travel industry business clients appreciate our friendly and responsive communication as well as our professionalism. Our clients are not afraid to call us with any query. We often deal with cases such as the impact of overbooking, customer complaints regarding program adjustments, last-minute flight cancellations, late arrivals, room and meal complaints, dissatisfaction with a guide, difficult or COVID clients, or force majeure situations. Due to our additional specialization in personal injury and health care law, we can also handle accidents during travelling.

Contact us if you need advice in the following areas:

  • Individual consultation on any issue related to the establishment or operation of a travel agency or tour operator or other tourism business. Frequent topics of consultation include liability and explanation of a package travel product, procuring or arranging a single travel service, and combinations of travel services that are not package tours. We also work with tax counsel to address the tax issues of a tourism business.
  • Representing tour operators and travel agents in resolving customer claims for discounts on package travel prices, compensation of damages, or loss of enjoyment.

For our clients on a flat-rate basis, we offer daily assistance by phone or email between 9 am - 5 pm. Arrangements can also be made for weekend assistance.

Legal Advisory

Legal services provided to tour operators and agents include:

  • Consultations
  • Drafting contracts, and general terms and conditions
  • Checking catalogues, the purchasing process, and presentation from the perspective of the Consumer Protection Act or GDPR
  • Legal analysis of any travel law issue
  • Lecture or training on any travel law topic
  • Representation in disputes with customers for refund, discount, or compensation
  • Representation in disputes with the Trade Licensing Authority
  • Representation in a dispute with the Czech Trade Inspection Authority

For example, we prepare or revise the following documents for our clients:

  • Package travel contract or certificate
  • General Terms and Conditions of Business
  • B2C Contracts for selling and brokering of individual travel services (guiding, accommodation, transport)
  • Agency agreements
  • Framework contract for the organisation of business trips
  • B2B contract with a tour guide, hotel or carrier
  • Contract between the data controller and data processor
  • Obligatory information on the use of cookies
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'No one has done as much for me as you,' Eva said.

Livingstone, Tour Operator

Thank you again for your valuable advice. I breathe better when I know who to turn to.

Jitka Popelková, Managing Director

Delfín Travel

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