Real Estate & Ownership Structures

Our law firm has been practising real estate law for over 30 years since its establishment in 1991. During this time we have acquired extensive know-how, and provided legal assistance in a wide range of cases concerning real estate, its ownership, or disputes over it.


Legal Cases

We deal with the usual agenda related to the ownership of real estate, but also exceptional cases. For example:

  • Advising a developer who is developing a spa facility on a greenfield
  • Advising on the sale of a palace in the centre of Prague
  • Settlement of inheritance, and sale of assets in the Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia and South Africa
  • Legal advisory on identifying unknown landowners
  • Legal assistance in so-called triplicate ownership, i.e. in a situation where three 100% owners were registered in the land register
  • Advising on the transfers of immovable property and the establishment of companies for this purpose (so-called SPVs)
  • Legal assistance in division of houses into residential units, and the establishment of easements
  • Transfers of various types of real estate

Services for Real Estate Property Owners

We generally provide our clients with:

  • Consulting the strategy for buying and selling real estate in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Planning and implementing appropriate structures for owning real estate
  • Establishing real estate ownership companies (SPVs)
  • Establishment of trusts and endowments
  • Representation in probate proceedings concerning real estate in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Disputes over the division and settlement of co-ownership
  • Establishing access to real estate through other owners' land
  • Advising on the division of houses into residential units
  • Drawing up purchase and reservation contracts and escrow agreements
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Anders Thorsen Advokatanpartsselskab

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you.

Anders Thorsen, Partner, Advocate


Holubová advokáti helped my client resolve a complicated inheritance case that had not been resolved for 20 years.

Ing. arch. David Černík

MUDr. Jiří Dostál

After more than 40 years, they have resolved the inheritance and registered me as the current owner. I'm grateful for their help.

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