What regulations should foreigners follow when climbing mountains in China?

There are many scenic peaks in China that attract mountain enthusiasts from all over the world. However, foreigners need to observe certain rules and regulations applicable to mountain climbing in China.

Firstly, many famous mountain peaks in China are located in nature reserves. According to the “Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Nature Reserves”,foreigners entering the nature reserve are required to submit an activity plan to the management agency in advance. In addition, foreigners entering the nature reserve shall abide by the laws, regulations, and rules of the nature reserve, and shall not engage in activities such as collecting specimens in the nature reserve without approval.

At the same time, local regulations on nature reserves may make more specific and stricter restrictions. For example, the "Shaanxi Province Qinling Ecological Environmental Protection Regulations" stipulates that if someone wants to open a new route to carry out mountaineering activities, approval must be obtained in advance and filed with the management department. Following these regulations can effectively protect the life safety of the climbers and the local ecological environment.

If you plan to climb mountain peaks above 5 kilometers in the Tibet Autonomous Region, or mountain peaks above 3,500 meters above sea level in other places, you need to abide by the provisions of the “Measures for the Administration of the Mountaineering Conducted by Foreigners in China”. Climbers need to climb according to the peaks and routes approved by the National Sports Commission, and are not allowed to place souvenirs or carry out mapping activities. When climbing a mountain, if you want to display a foreign national flag, you must get permission from the State Sports Commission, and display the Chinese flag with the same size. Climbers who violate the above regulations are subject to a warning, or fine of up to 50000 CNY (approx. 6417 EUR), and may be suspended from mountain climbing activities in China.

If you have plans to climb a mountain in China and are wondering about the legal and administrative aspects of your activities, don't hesitate to contact us. Our office provides legal advice related to the safety and legality of mountaineering worldwide.


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