Attain Czech citizenship - through your (great)parents

Since 2019, it has been possible to obtain Czech citizenship through grandparents. This amendment is intriguing not only for families forced to leave Czechoslovakia after 1948 but also for the descendants of emigrants who departed the country earlier.

Czech Citizenship Through Parents or Grandparents

The amendment to the Citizenship Act in 2019 also allows individuals to obtain Czech citizenship if at least one of their parents or grandparents held citizenship in the former Czechoslovakia. Therefore, children can now apply for Czech citizenship, a possibility that did not exist before the amendment. Prior to this change, families were often legally divided—where one child had a different citizenship than another, depending on the date allowing dual citizenship acquisition. It was not merely a formality; the second child had the rights and responsibilities of a citizen of the Czech Republic, while the first did not. This situation, for instance, hindered travel, returning to the Czech Republic, or attending schools.

The amendment also extended the opportunity to acquire Czech citizenship not only to the descendants of emigrants from the past regime but also to the grandchildren of those who left Czechoslovakia before World War II. To obtain Czech citizenship, they only need at least one Czech parent or one Czech grandparent.

When Czech Citizenship Cannot Be Obtained

It is essential to emphasize that the possibility of acquiring Czech citizenship does not apply to former citizens, or their descendants, if citizenship was lost after World War II based on the so-called Beneš Decrees. Additionally, individuals who have chosen Slovak citizenship are also ineligible to obtain Czech citizenship.

Dual Citizenship

Historically, the Czech Republic did not allow dual citizenship, requiring Czech emigrants to renounce their Czech citizenship when acquiring foreign citizenship. This changed on January 1, 2014, when the Czech Republic started permitting dual citizenship. Individuals who historically lost Czech citizenship now have the opportunity to reclaim it and thus hold dual citizenship.

What Needs to be Submitted

To obtain Czech citizenship, a citizen has a legal right if they provide the necessary documents and complete the relevant forms. These documents must be submitted in their original form and translated into Czech. If the documents are from abroad, it is generally necessary to have them authenticated with an apostille. To acquire citizenship, it is necessary to submit birth, marriage, and, if applicable, death certificates for all individuals listed in the application—meaning the applicant and potentially their parents and grandparents. Additionally, documentation proving the date and manner of the loss of Czech or Czechoslovak citizenship of at least one of the parents or grandparents must be provided.

Submitting an Application from Abroad

Handling the entire process may seem complex, especially for individuals without a delivery address in the Czech Republic and those who do not have sufficient command of the Czech language. However, the entire process of obtaining Czech citizenship and Czech birth certificates can be managed from abroad. At Holubová Lawyers, we have experience with such cases and are happy to assist you. We are ready to represent you. Personal presence is only required at the final step, i.e., when obtaining a passport or ID card.

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