Travel conditions to Iceland from January 15 to May

All passengers who have been in a country with a high risk of infection for more than 24 hours are required to undergo 2 PCR tests after arrival. The first testing takes place at the border, the second one after 5-day quarantine. Children born in 2005 and later who travel with their parents are quarantined with them. Children traveling alone are required to take the test after a 5-day quarantine. It is possible to leave the quarantine only when the result of the second test is negative.

Passengers for whom Iceland is only a transfer point and who do not cross the relevant border crossing (transfer) do not have to go to quarantine or undergo tests.

Those who have a PCR test or an antibody test showing that they have had already suffered from Covid-19 do not need to be quarantined. The same conditions apply to those with an international vaccination certificate confirming complete vaccination with an approved COVID-19 vaccine.

The certificate of an antibody test must meet the following conditions:
- be in Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or English
- name and surname (identical to the name in the travel document)
- birthdate
- when and where the test was performed
- the name of the laboratory, the issuer of the certificate
- telephone number of the laboratory, responsible authority
- type and result of the test performed

Furthermore, before departure, everyone is required to fill out the form, which can be found here, where they request personal data, contact information, flight information, dates and address of stay in Iceland. It is recommended to download the Rakning C-19 application, in which you can find all the official information about COVID-19 and travel, and you will receive there information about the result of your test.

PCR test after the arrival to Iceland is free of charge. Testing takes place at the Keflavik airport before the luggage reclaim and will take you approximately 15 minutes extra.

After the first testing, it is necessary to go to a place of residence that meets the conditions for quarantine. It is not allowed to go outside during quarantine. The only exception is a walk around or moving to the doctor. After 5 days, it is possible to undergo a second PCR test, which is also free. If this second test is also negative, you can leave the quarantine.

In case of a positive result, you have to go into isolation. Diagnosis, treatment and monitoring is completely free.


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