Parliamentary elections of Iceland voting at the Honorary Consulate

Parliamentary elections of Iceland will be held on Saturday, 25th September 2021. For Icelanders living abroad, pre-election voting has been started since 13th of August 2021. In this sense, absentee voting can also be carried out at the office of the Honorary Consul of Iceland in Prague. If you intend to use this option and vote from the Czech Republic, get in touch with your Honorary Consul by writing to in order to plan the voting appointment.

The pre-election voting process will be as follows.

When you arrive to your Honorary Consul, be prepared to state your name and present your identification documents to prove your identity.

You will receive a ballot paper, an envelope for the ballot paper, a letter of conveyance, and a large envelope to contain everything.

Cast your vote in private by writing or stamping the alphabetical letter denoting the political party you wish to vote for on the ballot paper. You also have the right to indicate a preference regarding the order of the candidates on the list you are voting for. This can be done by writing down their names in your order or preference and numbering them.

If you wish to formally reject a specific candidate write that candidates name down and then strike it out.

When you are done, place the ballot paper in the ballot envelope and seal it.

You must then sign the letter of conveyance in the presence of the Honorary Consul who shall witness the vote by countersigning the letter and stamping it if appropriate.
The postal envelope must be addressed to the District Commissioner or the Electoral Commission in the district in Iceland in which you are registered to vote. Your name, ID number, legal domicile, and municipality should be written in clear letters on the back of the larger envelope.

The sealed ballot envelope, together with the letter of conveyance, must be placed in the postal envelope, which must then be carefully sealed.

When you are abroad, it is your responsibility for ensuring that your votes are delivered to Iceland. The Honorary Consul is, however, obliged if you wish, to post the letter, provided that you pay the postage fee.

Such posted votes must reach the electoral commission, or a polling ward in the constituency where you are registered voter, before the polling station closes on Election Day.

Here you can also find video instructions:
Further information can be found on the website:


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