Simplification for Sole Traders and Czech POINT


The amendment to the Trade Licencing Act will probably come into force on 1 July 2008. Under this amendment, it will be easier to obtain a trade licence and need for contact between entrepreneurs and the authorities will be kept to a minimum.

Entrepreneurs will certainly welcome the possibility to submit required documents at any trade licencing office regardless of their place of residence or business. It will also be possible to submit documentation through public administration contact points called Czech POINT. Entrepreneurs will continue to have the obligation to report to trade licencing offices those facts that the trade licensing offices cannot obtain from public registers.

When a trade licence is obtained or changes are made to it, it is up to the trade licencing offices to send the extract from the register to the respective institutions (tax office, social security administration, health insurance company etc.), thereby saving entrepreneurs a lot of red tape.

Trade licences will continue to be documented only by an extract from the Trade Register. Such extract will list all licenses possessed by the respective entrepreneur. With regard to this change, the concept of a trade carried out at the industrial level no longer made sense and was cancelled.

A revolutionary change is the introduction of only one non-professional trade. To obtain such a licence, entrepreneurs need only fulfil general conditions for obtaining a trade licence and to announce the field in which they plan to do business.

The number of trades that require professional qualifications has been reduced and experience is no longer a requirement in certain cases. This will make it easier for new, especially young, entrepreneurs to enter the market.