New book release - Travel law by Klára Havlíčková and Renata Králová


Klára (Havlíčková) Dvořáková, attorney at 'Holubová advokáti' and a specialist in travel law advisory and disputes, has released a new book entitled: 'Travel law'.

Travel Law is the most extensive legal book devoted to travel and tourism in the Czech Republic to date. Its target audience extends to those conducting business within the travel industry, their lawyers and anyone who would like a more in-depth view of the issues in question.

The book covers a wide range of topics, including statutory, commercial and consumer law aspects of conducting business in the travel industry in the Czech Republic. It enables the reader to determine which trade is suitable for his business, and provides information on how to obtain a business licence and the scope of his obligations according to the Trade Licensing Act, the Consumer Protection Act and the Tourism Act, including sanctions applicable to breaches of these obligations. The book describes the special VAT rules for travel services, as wel as detailed explainations of the process of concluding business and consumer contracts, also legal concepts such as withdrawal, penalty payment and compensation for damages. The book places special emphasis on the description of the rights and obligations arising from a package holiday contract. In addition, agency contracts, accommodation contracts and contracts related to passenger transportation  are also covered in great detail. 'Travel Law' clarifies the instruments aimed at the protection of the traveller, including insolvency protection, cancellation insurance and chargeback. The protection of passengers travelling by air, water, bus or rail transport based on a contract with the carrier, and the instruments which facilitate the cross-border application of law are also included.

Explanations are provided in the context of EU law and ECJ case law, and with reference to Czech, Austrian, German and British case law.

The book has six parts in total: Part I General; Part II Public Law Regulation of Tourism Services; Part III Private Law Regulation of Tourism Services; Part IV Consumer Protection Instruments in the Area of Tourism; Part V Rights of Passengers in Transit; and Part VI Cross-border Implications of Travel Law.