Lecture: How to Sell Package Tours and Not Violate Copyrights


The law firm Holubová advokáti has teamed up with the Association of Czech Travel Agents to organise a series of lectures on "How to Sell Package Tours and Not Violate Copyrights”. The lectures are aimed particularly at the use of photographs. The first lecture took place at Holiday World in Prague on 20 February. You can look forward to other lectures in March in Brno and in Ostrava.

Lecture programme

1. Becoming acquainted with the concept of protection of copyright works.
2. Explanation of the conditions of the legal use of works.
3. How to protect yourself against unauthorised use of copyright works
4. What to do if your use of a copyright work was unauthorised.


JUDr. Klára Havlíčková and Mgr. Martin Beneš

Other dates

7 March 2015 OSTRAVA – Dovolená a Region 2015 (Vacation and Region 2015), Černá louka Exhibition Grounds

12 March 2015 BRNO - BVV a.s., Brno Exhibition Grounds

Always 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.