Lecture by Klára Havlíčková on Package Travel and Assisted Travel Arrangements


Klára Havlíčková gave a talk at the PEOPIL international legal conference in Vienna on the topic of package travel and assisted travel arrangements pursuant to the new draft European Union directive.

On 12 September 2014, the annual PEOPIL legal conference took place in Vienna. At the conference, Klára Havlíčková presented a report on the status of negotiations of the draft European Union directive on package travel and assisted travel arrangements. She focused particularly on problems with the definition of the basic terms “package travel” and “assisted travel arrangements”. She also mentioned the impact of the draft on the liability of tour companies and travel agencies and their obligation to arrange insurance in case of bankruptcy.

PEOPIL or “Pan-European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers” is an organisation associating lawyers from Europe and the United States of American dealing with the issue of personal injury and professional liability.

Klára Havlíčková is a member of the following working groups within PEOPIL: Tort Reform Group, Tourism EEG and Sports EEG.