Further 5 important changes affecting tour operators starting from the next week

Tour operators, travel agencies, carriers – 4 working days until the effectiveness of principal changes in the sale of tourism services. Each day a new post, each day a list of five important changes.

1) Pursuant to Decree of the Ministry for Regional Development No. 122/2018 Coll., on form templates for individual tour types and related tourism services, tour operators, their vendors and service providers comprised in related tourism services (RTS) must submit the customer the respective form.

2) The travel contract may also consist of multiple independent contracts made with individual tourism service providers.

3) The time-limit of 1 month from the end of tour to file a complaint is repealed. Complaints should be filed without undue delay, ideally on the spot.

4) Tourism services that are newly included for purposes of assessing whether it is a tour or RTS, shall also of comprise renting cars, motorcycles and other motor vehicles, i.e. vehicles powered by an engine moving by their own means, having at least four wheels and having the highest design speed exceeding 25 km/h.

5) Food, drinks, cleaning and other services provided as part of accommodation shall form a single tourism service – accommodation. The sale of accommodation without transport shall therefore not be deemed a tour.

Changes introduced by amendment to Act No. 159/1999 Coll. may affect fundamentally many businesses in the tourist industry. We recommend entrepreneurs to analyze tourism services they offer their customers in order to determine whether they sell a tour, RTS, or other tourism services. According to conclusions of such analysis, the need to modify a license, insurance, guarantee fund contribution, and contractual documents may arise. The law office Holubová advokáti offers consulting, training, analysis, sample documents as well as tailored guidance through the whole process.


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