Do I need any official permissions for rock and mountain climbing in China?


China is a country that attracts many travelers from all over the world every year. Travelers with different tastes and hobbies can choose from the diverse opportunities that China offers to tourists. Amongst the diverse travelers from all over, there are those who plan an adventure/ active holiday in China, which may include rock and mountain climbing. However, there are certain restrictions and regulations to be followed for climbing one of the mountains in China, as well as for rock climbing.

For mountain climbing in China, a special permission is required to be obtained from the government under the Tourism Act of the People´s Republic of China. This obligation is applicable to everyone interested in climbing. According the wording of this Act, it is necessary to apply for a permit for these high-risk tourism activities. In addition, tourists who interfere with the protection of cultural monuments, or places of historical interest, are subject to a warning or fine of up to 200 CNY, which is about 25,5 EUR.

Further, certain local regulations are also applicable, for example - The regulations on the protection of natural resources in Shennongjia, which effectively guarantee the safety of life of the tourists and climbers, and strengthen the ecological and environmental protection.


Many mountains in China attract the attention of climbers, but one cannot climb them without the requisite permission(s) obtained beforehand. There is a well-known case regarding to climbing without permission that occurred in April 2017 where three tourists were arrested after climbing a stone pillar at Mount Sanqing in China without permission. The tourists were accused of malicious intent for damaging the environment and destroying the places of historical interest.

Are you planning an active holiday abroad and are not sure if you need any permissions? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our office provides legal advice related to the safety and legality of mountain climbing around the world.