Coronadvice 17 – Antivirus Against the Virus


The Antivirus program has finally been approved! Eligible employers will now be able to cover part of their wage costs through a program offered by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. However, not all employers, and not the costs of all employees are eligible. Here are some basic questions and answers.

1. Which employers can apply for a contribution from Antivirus?

Employers whose wages are not paid from public budgets can apply for a contribution from the Antivirus program.

2. What employees will employers receive a contribution for?

Employers can only receive a contribution for those employees that are involved in sickness and pension insurance, that is to say, as a rule, for employees on an employment contract, not employees on an employment agreement or an agreement on work activity. In addition, at the time of the application, the employee should not be in their notice period, but there are some exceptions to this rule.

3. Where should employers apply for the contribution?

All matters will be dealt with by the Labour Office. Applications will be accepted starting 6.4.2020. Note that you need to communicate digitally, ideally via a data box. (we have dealt with electronic communication in our Coronadvice 12).

4. Are there any other conditions for employers to be eligible the contribution?

Yes, the program explicitly requires strict adherence to the Labour Code. We assume that employees will be checked to verify if they are actually unable to work.

5. What situations does Antivirus apply to?

Antivirus applies to situations where there is any obstacle to work on the part of the employer. This obstacle, however, has to arise out of the government measures or the pandemic itself. An obstacle to work on part of the employer means that the employer cannot assign work to the employee because of a limitation, and pays him compensation of 60% -100% of the average earnings. The only exception in Antivirus, where the limitation is not on part of the employer but on part of the employee, is the quarantine order.

6. How is the nursing contribution in Antivirus regulated?

The Antivirus program does not in any way affect the laws about the nursing contribution (we wrote about the new adjustment of the nursing contribution in our Coronadvice 11).

7. How much is the state's contribution?

The Antivirus program is divided into two categories - Category A and Category B. In Category A, the state’s contribution is 80% of the employer's costs, and in Category B the contribution is 60% of the employer's costs.

8. In what category do the employees in the tourism sector fall?

This depends on the job description of the employee, and certain other criteria. Within a company, different employees can be in different categories. The Association of Travel Agencies has prepared more detailed information for its members. We will also be happy to advise you (