Claims lump sum for CK: effective resolution of customer claims with legal support from Holubová advokáti

A last-minute flight cancellation, inadequate accommodation, dissatisfaction with your guide or even a serious injury? Complaints are your nightmare? Yes, they come with the tours, but we can resolve them quickly and efficiently with legal overlap and now at a reasonable price within the claims package.

Why a flat-rate claim?
Why be confused about what to say to your client when all it takes is a quick consultation with the Holubová Advocates team and you know what to do immediately, or we will take over the communication for you.

Claims handling by a solicitor will take the worry out of the travel company. However, paying for such a solution at a traditional hourly rate can get expensive. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have managed to arrange ourselves organizationally and technologically so that we can resolve claims for you professionally and at a reasonable price as part of a long-term cooperation in the form of a lump sum. We offer two options:

Option A: 4 600 CZK per month plus VAT for 6 months
- When working with us for 6 months, the price includes 3 hours of our work to resolve complaints, grievances and other acute problems arising before, during or after the tour.

Option B: 4 600 CZK per month plus VAT for 12 months
- If you work with us for 12 months, you can also use the extra 3 hours to review and prepare B2B or B2C contracts.

We know from experience that a simple complaint can be handled in about an hour, a telephone enquiry usually takes 10-30 minutes, but even three hours are needed to resolve a complex complaint.

What our clients praise us for
Our clients appreciate our friendly, prompt communication and professionalism. We are not white-collar lawyers, because they are not suited for the travel industry. Don't be afraid to write or call us with any questions. For clients, we often deal with the impact of overbooking, their clients who disagree with program adjustments, last minute flight cancellations, late arrivals, room and meal complaints, or dissatisfaction with a guide, unmanageable or covid client. We have had several broken buses, a tour client with a broken leg on a slide, a senior citizen lost in the city, or a drowning. Over twelve years of experience in the industry has allowed us to accumulate countless experiences. In addition, our work reflects not only the statutory requirements, but also existing court decisions or the usual practice of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. We enjoy the (unpleasant) handling of your clients' complaints!

Work with the leaders in travel law. Do not hesitate to write to us for more details.


'No one has done as much for me as you,' Eva said.

Livingstone, Tour Operator

Thank you again for your valuable advice. I breathe better when I know who to turn to.

Jitka Popelková, Managing Director

Anders Thorsen Advokatanpartsselskab

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you.

Anders Thorsen, Partner, Advocate

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