Michael Koliha


- Business law
- Pharmacies
- Creditors of insolvent companies

- B2B contracts
- Real estate law
- Corporate law

- Czech
- English
- Spanish

- Charles University Faculty of Law, Prague (Mgr. 2013)
- Internship in law firm Zumpano Patricios & Winker, P.A., Florida, USA

Michael is passionate to help with setting up or modifying any small and midsize business, draft all the contracts with both clients and suppliers and represent the client before the court. He is also excellent lecturer with experiences such as teaching at the Charles University or giving presentations on various important legal updates to hundreds of businessmen.

Michael's clients are predominantly midsize businesses, whom he advises on how to get started or realize new projects, how to sell or purchase shares in other companies with no risk, and is available to help them with their day to day problems.

Michael successfully advised one of the most important Czech publishers with a multi million share transfer and gained great experience while advising another client with multimillion insolvency proceedings.

Michael has also been one of the founding members of Medical Law Institute, passionate runner and an entrepreneur in Prague travel industry for a long time.