Štěpán Holub Once Again Included in the Independent Directory of Prestigious Lawyers - Who's Who Legal and Chambers & Partners


Attorney Stepan Holub has once again been included in two independent catalogs of prestigious lawyers - Who's Who Legal, and Chambers HNW 2018, where he is the only lawyer from the Czech Republic.
The Chambers HNW directory is focused in the area of ​​private ownership, more precisely in the area of ​​private clients, international investment structures, international inheritance law, and of ​​property management of natural persons and their families, an area that Štěpán Holub has been focusing on since the beginning of his career as a lawyer.

Lawyers are selected for these prestigious catalogs on the basis of information and recommendations received from clients, interviews with other lawyers and law firms, professional meetings, and legal expertise. The Chambers catalog states: "Štěpán Holub has a fine reputation among interviewees. He is very flexible and able to work on larger business issues. He also speaks several languages. Lots of big clients go to Štěpán. He has been big in the international market for a long time before anyone else in the Czech Republic started doing it, " observes one lawyer, adding: "He's fantastic. He's phenomenal. He was born to be a private client lawyer. He is very driven. I enjoy working with him a lot. "(Chambers HNW 2018, p. 92)