Professional Liability & Patient Advocacy

We have long specialised in representing patients and their families in disputes on compensation for injury. The precondition for our legal services is gathering the relevant healthcare documentation and having the situation assessed by an independent expert. We can arrange for fulfillment of these preconditions. We explain the options to our clients depending on the nature of the case:

We represent them in submitting a complaint to the healthcare provider and owner.

We represent them in submitting a complaint to the Czech Medical Chamber or the Czech Dental Chamber.

We represent them in pressing charges and in criminal proceedings.

We negotiate with healthcare providers on compensation for damages and injuries.

We represent them in civil law proceedings on compensation for damages and injuries.

We also deal with patient disputes as part of our lecturing activities. We draw up analyses as tasked by the client.
Our clients are also patients who have been refused reimbursement for treatment from public health insurance.

Aside from usual patient disputes, we also represent damaged parties after traffic accidents, workplace injuries and sporting accidents, both in disputes with the culprit and insurance companies.

Due to our international professional cooperation with specialised personal injury and travel law attorneys we are able to solve cases with international aspects as well.

Specialists in this area are:
Klára Dvořáková
Barbora Steinlauf

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