M&A and Corporate Law

We advise numerous small and medium enterprises at all stages of their development in the Czech Republic.
We are particularly known for providing services to automotive industry, IT businesses, travel industry or to health care providers.

We assist with drafting and negotiation of a broad variety of commercial arrangements and related legal documents including  sales & purchase, franchising, distribution, agency, joint venture, service and employment agreements.

We profit from our extensive international network. This allows us both to understand the needs of the clients better but also to combine our advice in Czech law with elements from other jurisdictions.

Our lawyers are passionate about innovative ideas and have started their own projects and associations themselves. Some of our supported activities include also social responsible ones. We understand the projects not only on a theoretical legal level, but we can contribute to practical implementation of business visions into real life.

Innovations often require innovative approach even on their legal side, simply because they have not been tested so far and we are ready to help here. We love to take the challenge to support smart people to make their innovative dreams true.

We understand that corporations and start-ups need transparent and flexible billing schemes and we can satisfy their needs here.