Travel, Sports & Leisure Industry

We are a boutique law firm for tour operators, travel agents, tour guides, mountain leaders and guides, operators of sport centres, gyms, outdoor and indoor sports, leisure and holiday parks or providers of other specialised and specific travel, sports and leisure services.

We advise how to set up a business in the field of tourism, sport and leisure activities and how to operate in accordance with Czech private and public law. We prepare all contracts and general terms and conditions necessary and help with issues arising any day. We also take care of the professional liability cases of our clients.

Our attorney, Klara Dvorakova, is a leading travel law and professional liability specialist. She is the author of the first Czech complex travel law book (Travel law, C. H. Beck. 2015), commented on Package Travel Contract in the Czech Civil Code Commentary (2017), regularly writes articles, gives lectures at international law conferences and is consulted during preparing new legislation in this field. You can order a private lecture on specialised issues of travel law by Klara as well.

Among the legal services currently most frequently requested are currently:

Consulting on founding and operating as a tour operator or a travel agency

Consulting on professional liability issues

Drawing up and consulting on package travel contracts and general terms and conditions

Drawing up and consulting on mediation contracts, order contracts and agency contracts

International debt collection

Consulting and representation in dealing with claims on defects during in the holiday package

Representation of clients of bankrupted travel operators in enforcing their insurance clain (bankruptcy insurance)