Personal injury

We are a much sought-after law firm in claiming damages for personal injury.

We have experience in claiming damages for injuries suffered under various circumstances:
- Medical malpractice, which is also a frequent topic of our lectures;
- Negative side-effects of vaccination, including COVID-19. We have also written a book on this topic;
- Traffic accidents, sports accidents, and travel accidents;
- Dog bites;
- Excessive length of proceedings; and
- Provision of medical services without valid informed consent.

For our clients, we are usually managing:
- Requests for a copy of medical documentation
- Complaints about the medical service provider
- Expert reports in diverse specializations
- Extrajudicial claims
- Drafting and settlement of an agreement upon extrajudicial settlement

- Actions for damages, and legal representation in proceedings
- Requests for adequate remedy for excessive length of proceedings
- Requests for non-pecuniary damages for negative side-effects of vaccination
- Requests for payment of insurance indemnity, and negotiations with an insurance company

For our foreign colleagues, we arrange “Quantum Reports” and “Liability Reports” to be used before courts in the UK, and courts within the EU.

Our specialists in this field are:

Klára Dvořáková
Barbora Steinlauf

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