We have been working worldwide: All of our lawyers have done so since their studies and gained international qualifications and experience in law abroad.

Our lawyers are active members of international professional organisations Eagle, AIJA, PEOPILEUROJURIS and EURAVOCAT. They regularly attend law conferences and seminars where they give presentations, foster our existing foreign contacts and acquire new ones. We have also successfully organised professional seminars and congresses in the Czech Republic such as AIJA Congress in Prague in 2014, which was attended by over 500 lawyers from around the world or EURAVOCAT Annual meeting in 2016.

Networking and connecting is our nature. We are able to create a professional network with specialised law firms from the entire world, which allows us to provide quality legal services in 6 continents.

Aside from Czech entities looking for legal assistance abroad, our services are also used by foreign entities with an interest in investing in the Czech Republic. Legal assistance with an international reach generally falls within the fields of international trade, foreign investment, international property transactions, international debt collection, travel law and accidents abroad.