Holubová advokáti helps organise 52nd annual AIJA Congress in Prague


Co-organisation of the Congress is the culmination of Holubová advokáti's long activity in AIJA. Štěpán Holub is a member of the AIJA Executive Committee and acts as a primary member of the organising committee for the Congress.

AIJA is the International Association of Young Lawyers and is the only international organisation in the world that brings together attorneys and lawyers younger than 45. AIJA aims to help young attorneys and lawyers on the international stage, allowing them to approach issues in a broad international context, get to know colleagues from around the world and swap experiences.

Around 600 attorneys and lawyers from over 85 countries will attend the Congress in Prague from 26 – 30 August 2014. It will be the second largest international law congress in the Czech Republic.

The programme will include many seminars, workshops and meetings focused on topics that are mainstays of AIJA's work, for example real estate, labour law, sports law, distribution law and transportation, international arbitration, insolvency law, mergers and acquisitions, tax law, immigration and much more.

Holubová advokáti recommends attending the AIJA Congress for all attorneys who have an interest in acquiring new professional experiences and making contacts. Those who are interested in the "Home Hospitality Dinner" can get actively involved in the affairs of AIJA right away.

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