Court proceedings on the Internet


The Ministry of Justice has launched a new service entitled infoSoud (“infoCourt”), making information on court proceedings accessible to the public on the Internet.

Within the project of introducing e-justice, the Ministry has launched a new Internet portal, infoSoud, where it provides on-line information on court proceedings. Through infoSoud, the parties will thus be able to check the progress of their proceedings from the comfort of their homes. The database will be updated on a daily basis, relieving the courts from the need to answer telephone queries regarding the progress of proceedings. In order to obtain information, the parties merely have to select the court where the case is pending and enter its file number. The website will provide only information on the progress of the proceedings and its current status (proceedings commenced, hearing ordered, case suspended, the result of the hearing, appeal lodged, etc.). No personal data will be disclosed. Only district courts are currently connected to the system; regional courts will join in later this year. The Ministry expects this step to increase transparency of the courts’ work and to reduce their administrative burden. The introduction of e-justice in the Czech judiciary should continue with additional projects, e.g. the introduction of electronic official boards and payment orders.